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Dati finanziari (08/08/2018)

Ammontare raccolto
EUR 48.000,00
Obiettivo minimo
EUR 48.000,00
Investimento minimo
EUR 100,00


Estonia EE
N.d.Secured debt
Termine raccolta
08/08/2018 (2173 giorni)
Rendita totale
Rendita annuale
9 mesi


“Veskimöldre development region is an ambitious 70-hectare development by BC Arenduse OĂś, a company that belongs to Brave Capital investment group. It includes several plots in Saue akin to Veskimöldre. The goal of this project is to prepare the land plots for construction where each customer can build their desired home. The final project will include 166 single domicile plots and plots for the development of 127 row house apartments. Within these land plots, a reservation has been made for social grounds, where a new elementary school will be built, and some commercial grounds to build stores and all other necessary outlets. This investment opportunity offers the possibility to fund the development of a row house located at Koru põik 3, Estonia in the total amount of 703 000 EUR. The development is financed in tranches according to the invoices submitted by the main contractor Soome Maja OĂś. With each new funding round, the value of the underlying asset will increase until the row house is finished. The sixth and final stage of the development requires funding in the amount of 48 000€, after which the project will be fully funded. As during previous funding rounds, the loan is secured by a first rank mortgage. Fixed interest rate is 12. 5% p. a. According to Sponsor, as of 6. 08. 2018, there is 1 apartment sold, 3 booked and negotiations regarding sales for at least 2 apartments under way.  Roofing and facade work is completed, as well as 50% of interior decoration and 30% of the parquet installation. The construction has reached to its' final stages.”


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