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EUR 135 000,00
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2019-04-19 (231 tagoj)
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“Via Genovesi 1, Milan investment opportunity is a private residential development which aims at transforming a 154 sqm lab into 4 studio apartments, located in the North area of Milan. ┬áThe process for the change of destination of use to residential has already been started. The architect who will manage the procedure has verified all the requirements in order to proceed (report attached). Diamond srl, the Sponsor of the investment, offers Crowdestate investors the opportunity to participate in the project by financing 50% of the capital needed to finance the entire project. Fundraising target is 135 000 eur. ┬áThe total cost of the project is 272 030 eur and the Sponsor contributes 50% of total equity. Investment exit is expected to be in 10 months. Interest return for investors is 12. 12% on an annual basis and the completion date is estimated for February 2020. As the main guarantee, Crowdestate owns 50% of the SponsorÔÇÖs company shares. As an additional guarantee for investors, Crowdestate has an option to buy additional shares and a personal guarantee of 135 000 eur to make sure loans to investors will be correctly paid.”

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